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ECRTouch Updates

Updates recently added to the system.
How to update..
If you see an error appear after updating to the V2 Build 0006, copy the above zip files to the c:\data folder and replace the existing ones.
  • World Pay Card Payment
  • Cash Back and Card Holder Not Present
  • Quick Tab view with total and Tab number
  • Clock in -out with hourly wages charge
  • Wifi tablet update
  • Wifi strength signal on screen


Caller ID

Myepos has now added Caller ID Caller ID with full history and up to 4 telephone lines.
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Myepos and Bakery

Myepos has introduced a Bakery module offering emailing of invoices directly to the account...
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Get Battered A303

  Delicious food cooked well We take quality ingredients and treat them simply to make...
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