Touch Cashless

Myepos has a Customer - Accounts module, this allows access to a Cashless environment.
Pre pay moneys, cashless readers by bar code or contacless fob reader usb.
Auto payment allocations, full audit history, signed receipts and audit trail.
Schools, gyms and clubs with customers wishing to pay in advance or to have the option of monthly invoices.
Payments in advance help control spending and remove the need to carry cash.
ECRTouch Systems for Schools and Universities
The system validates the pupil by showing an on screen picture to the canteen staff as they process the sale. Staff and visitors are also handled including correctly managing the VAT content.
Benefits to Parents
Easy payment options; internet, paypoint, cheque or cash
Can monitor what their children spend their money on Lunch money can only be spent at school with limits set per break or day
No longer have to find dinner money change each day or week
Overall peace of mind
Benefits to Pupils
There is no difference between free and paid meal pupils
Sign on using biometrics, cards, name, number
Warnings and restrictions for certain products e.g. allergies
Backup procedures in the event of a forgotten card
Reduced queuing time at the till
Balances are stored centrally, not on the card, so money cannot be lost
Increase in school meal uptake raising additional income
Fast and more efficient throughput of students/staff
No cash on site reducing the opportunity for theft
Prepaid system meaning that the money is paid upfront
Correct automatic VAT handling and reporting for pupils/staff
Very simple intuitive user interface requiring no technical or PC knowledge
All the benefits of a modern EPoS system e.g. stock control, accurate price control, analysis reporting
Benefits to the School
Correctly handles visitors, school and temporary staff and new pupils
Lost/stolen cards can be quickly blocked and transferred to a new card
Customer identity is confirmed by an on screen picture
Free meal usage reporting for LEA
Detailed sales history drill down by customer
Promotes healthy eating
Provides an overdraft facility to allow any student who has run out of money to eat while enabling collection later


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