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If you see an error appear after updating to the V2 Build 0006, copy the above zip files to the c:\data folder and replace the existing ones.
  • World Pay Card Payment
  • Cash Back and Card Holder Not Present
  • Quick Tab view with total and Tab number
  • Clock in -out with hourly wages charge
  • Wifi tablet update
  • Wifi strength signal on screen


24/05/2018 12:55 We wish the members of the shop all best with the new...
09/05/2018 13:27
Welcome to Athelstan Museum Athelstan Museum tells the history of Malmesbury, an attractive hill...
09/05/2018 13:22
DCH heath trust, install Myepos to all of their restaurants.   Myepos is helping with...
27/04/2018 11:53
Texas Rocks Yeovil, opens a all new US theme restaurant


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