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Card Payment Systems, Myepos with Cloud card transactions

2019 Terminals now have 

WiFi and 4G network options    

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AeroAdmin.exe (1,9 MB)  Remote Support
paradox-dbase-reader.exe (3,6 MB)  DBF Edit application
DBFPlus.exe (2,6 MB)  DBF Edit application


The Friends Of Yeovil Hospital introduce ECRTouch

26/11/2015 12:54
The Friends Of Yeovil Hospital Introduce ECRTouch To Improve Their Stock Control.          
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Tamburino introduce ECRTouch

20/11/2015 14:13
Tamburino’s first restaurant was opened in Yeovil on the 27th February 2005 bringing the town a true taste of Italy with our wonderful traditional cuisine and vibrant atmosphere. Owner Domenico Taravella is from Sicily, where passion runs deep. No more so than the passion for food and hospitality....
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ECRTouch Tablets

23/09/2015 15:28
ECRtouch launched the new "Windows 10" tablet. No need train staff on Bar and Food menus. It's all on screen.
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Food Machinery

10/08/2015 12:35
We offer a fully range of repairs and servicing for Food Machinery. Maintenance, repairs and replacements.    From heat bars to air bags, blades to oil change, filters to pumps and motors.   We maintain the equipment ourselves and keep a wide range of spares.  
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ECRTouch Tablet Version

13/07/2015 09:07
ECRTouch Launch the all new Tablet version of the application Runs on any Windows V7 and above. Full application access. Customised screens and pages for simple sales mode. Staff log in. Staff Clock in - out. Print Tickets form the ECRTouch network.    
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Tablet-Style POS for Small Retail or Food Service

07/07/2015 11:26
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ECRTouch Multi Store Management

06/02/2015 15:13
ECRTouch. Installation completed at J&F Jones. 12 Stores.
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Label Laws are changing

28/10/2014 11:05
There are new EU regulations to which food manufacturers and food retailers must comply regarding who, what and how food should be labelled. For example, the existing rules on allergen labelling have been changed – allergens must now be highlighted in the ingredients list, not listed...
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New Touch Pocket Launches

01/10/2014 09:50
DSL have launched the new Pocket Touch Terminal Take food and drink orders without the need for paper. Orders print directly to the bar and kitchen printers  
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SAM4 SPS2200 New for 2013

01/11/2013 10:23
SPS-2200 15” ROM Based Touch Screen £1099.00 + VAT          
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Loders Butchers Yeovil install the new CL5200 Weigh Label Scale

13/06/2019 09:57
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The Old Barn Inn - Myepos

17/05/2019 12:19
  The Old Barn Inn install Myepos to increase flexibility for automatic promotions and food profiles
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Bakery Roy-Al Install Myepos

10/05/2019 14:24
Bakey Roy-Al Martock install Myepos to cope with an increase in Shop and Wholesale sales. Automatic emailing of invoices improves the accounts control. Customised reporting produces “Bake Sheets”  helping with stock production. Bakey Roy-Al Martock install Myepos to cope with an...
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Welcome to Weymouth Harbour with Myepos

01/03/2019 13:37
  Install Myepos for vessel handling   Welcome to Weymouth Harbour Just visiting or looking for a great location to moor your boat, Weymouth is the ideal base to explore the South Coast.  Enjoy relaxing in the charm of our beautiful old harbour whilst soaking up the atmosphere,...
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Shaftesbury Abbey Museum & Gardens with Myepos

01/03/2019 13:33
Install Myepos into their shop   Shaftesbury Abbey Museum and Garden The excavated foundations of this once important and influential Abbey lie in a peaceful walled garden, with an extensive herb garden and medieval orchard. The museum brings to life the story of Saxon England’s foremost...
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Palmers Pets Centre Myepos

15/01/2019 14:57
Palmers Pets Centre Myepos install Myepos Touch teminal for brand control and sales margins
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15/01/2019 14:55
ADM PROTEXIN LIMITED        Install inline sample weigh systems for stock control
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Black Sheep Butchers Langport with the CL5500 scale

04/10/2018 11:54
Black Sheep Butchers, have introduced the DSL CL5500 scales units to their new shop in Langport The CL5500 works in receipt mode allowing the user easy weight to sale transactions.        
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Hamish's Farm Shop updates to Myepos with paymentsense

04/10/2018 09:10  
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06/09/2018 12:08
Yeovil Recreation Centre Myepos has helped the Centre by standardising the activity   prices and offering promotions to increase the users experience Myepos has helped the Centre by standardising the activity prices and offering promotions to increase the users...
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Installation History

Loders Butcher Install the new CL 5200 label Printing Scale

13/06/2019 09:53
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The Old Barn Inn Barnstaple - Myepos

17/05/2019 12:15
Myepos installed to run promotions and customer profiles
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Bakery Ro-Al update to Myepos for Customer Invoices and cook lists

10/05/2019 13:48    
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Protexin install DSL Line weighing system

11/04/2019 08:06
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Sherborne Girls School's new Art Centre with Myepos

11/04/2019 08:05
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Martock Chippery With Touch control for remote reports

21/03/2019 15:01
Martock Chippery With Touch control for remote reports   Remote viewing of reports and end of day cash up creates a seamless interface with backing records Martock Chippery With Touch control for remote reports   Remote viewing of reports and end of day cash up creates...
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Installation History

01/03/2019 13:53
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