Worldpay Integration into ECRTouch

09/12/2015 11:11

ECRTouch now links into Worldpay for a seamless card payment.



Chip & PIN payments have become an essential part of most retail and hospitality businesses. Not only does this system protect you and your customer against fraud; it also accelerates the payment process itself by using a four-digit PIN instead of signature verification.

Taking it further, DSL now offers an integrated Chip & PIN solution, enabling the payment terminal to communicate with your Epos system.

Transaction times are reduced further, errors and reconciliation problems are eliminated and fraud is reduced.

All transactions are sent over your existing broadband connection, so there is no need to pay for a separate phone line or to make your customers wait if the shared phone line is in use.

There are Million of contactless payment cards already issued in the UK, enabling customers to make payments up to £15 without entering a PIN.

Billions of customer payments are routinely made in cash but studies have shown that 80% are for sums below £10.

Contactless payment is growing hugely in popularity and predictions are that further 30 million contactless debit cards will be issued by 2016.

Contactless technology enables you to accelerate the transaction process, reduce waiting times for the customer and keeps you ahead of the competition.

DSL has integrated contactless payment technology with its Epos tills and credit and debit card payment systems to ensure that all customer payment requirements can be catered for.

Every transaction will appear on the monthly card statement as well as on line reporting, and receipts can be provided to the customer if required.

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