ECR Touch Retail

Myepos Retail Systems provide Retailers with straight forward systems that will manager their stock, track customer spend and provide detailed reporting on all areas of their POS system.

POS System





Scale interface



EmaI Receipts

Barcode Scanning

Quick on Screen Keys for Non Scan Items

Quickly Check Stock level for any item @ POS.

a4 Invoice

Gift Receipts

Email Paperless receipts

Deposit tracking

Gift Vouchers


Easily Handle Returns & Exchanges with Barcoded Receipts

Mix and Match – Buy One Get One Free, 3 for the price of 2 etc..


Data Collection


Stock can be scanned and updated in Real time over RF

As the software runs on a central host system, there is no need for time-consuming installation on terminals

Fast and easy deployment

Light and compact form

Single-hand operation

Back Office Reports


Take care of purchases, deliveries and returns

Handheld stock taking link

Automatically generates stock taking sheeets and discrepancy reports.

Print or Email Count Sheets

Customer Accounts

Print Invoices/Statements

Take payment for accounts

Auto allocate payment to clear oldest invoices first.

Aged analysis

Day books

Customer Analysis

See what your customers are buying

Make informed decisions about what products to run promotions on

Email / Send SMS marketing campaigns to targeted customers

Sales Anaysis

Analyse Groups sales, departmental sales, clerk sales, hourly sales, daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal sales.

Compare Sales by Supplier, Group, Categories, Month and Operators.

View all data in printable bar or pie chart format.

Multi Site

Inter-branch stock transfer

Check for stock of item in any other branch – Real time

Stock and Sales Reports by Branch or Consolidate all branches together

Gift Vouchers and Credit Notes can be issued and redeemed in any branch

Dropbox Control

Control your own data, view dropbox.

No need for 3rd party hosting, no costs for 3rd party hosting

Share files fast

Direct VPNs



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