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PD-II POS Interface Scale


The PD-II POS Interface scale connects with Cash Registers and POS systems.

Available in 15 to 150 lb capacities. Use in Supermarkets, Cafeterias, Speciality Stores, Shipping and more!

The Cas PD-II has a standard large Stainless Steel Tray (380 x 280mm) making weighing of large objects easy whilst remaining accurate.

The Cas PD-II is equipped with an RS-232C port and 4Bit Parallel for most popular ECR's such as Sam4s, Casio and Sharp.

One display comes as standard and it is possible to install another display on the side. Also a Remote Pole Display is available for the PD-II as an option. The display on the front can be tilted for easier operator viewing.

Features & Benefits

  • 15, 30, 60, and 150lbs Capacities.

  • Weigh in Pounds or Ounces.

  • Dual Range.

  • Interfaces to Most POS Systems.

  • Easy to Read Tilt Display.

  • RS-232 Interface.

  • Auto Span Calibration & Auto Zero Tracking.

  • Legal for Trade.


  • Remote Display.

  • Interface Cables.


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